Comida Latina is a database of images, texts, maps, and more related to food, women, culture, and identity. The work on this project started in 2010 with an exploration of the transnational forces that bring Latino foods to New York City, and the research has grown to become the site you are now exploring. Comida Latina is the beginning of a conversation about food and cultural identity, and as such, it is a visible way of showcasing the transformative power of food to bridge cultures.

Comida Latina is hosted by Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, N.Y., and has been developed by 

 Viviana Rangil– Associate Professor of Spanish, Skidmore College

 Principal researcher, author, translator, and concept developer


 Angelo González– Class of 2015 Computer Science and Math Student, Skidmore College

 Summer research collaborator, technical support on data  presentation and map technologies


All of the materials in Comida Latina are available for free to educators, students, and the public. Please read the Terms and Permissions below for more information about accessing, printing, and distributing materials from Comida Latina

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We hope the content of Comida Latina will provide important and relevant information for scholars and will also engage the general public.